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ClanOrg Homepage

Welcome to the ClanOrg Homepage! If you don't know, ClanOrg is a program that assists you in holding on the spur of the moment clan matches. You can add your request for a match to a central ClanOrg server and clans from around the world can see it and decide to play. Aside from that primary function, ClanOrg also features a clan database, which allows other clans to receive background information on your clan, such as homepage and description.

I'd just like to add that since this concept isn't mine (but all of the code, forms, etc. are made only by me), I'd be glad to take down the webpage and stop distributing the program at the author of Scrim OnDemand's request.

Remember to Add your Clan to the Clan Database, and check out the clans that have already joined.


5:45 PM 12/19/98

New Version

ClanOrg v1.0c is out! Check it out at the download page! ClanOrg is now written in C++. The executable is smaller and executes MUCH faster (internet performance not counted, 'cause that doesn't change). I also added support for launching mIRC, see below. There isn't much new, because the purpose of this release is to test the new C++ version which should be stable. If you have any feature ideas or bug reports, send them to

mIRC Support

Go into options and set your mIRC path. If you use a custom script (not stored in the default mirc.ini), like I do specify that as your Custom INI and if it is not in the mIRC directory, specify the Working Directory. Now, when you right click on a match in the main window, you will be given the option to Join Channel. Select that and mIRC will be started and automatically connected to the specified server and channel. Watch out though, if mIRC doesn't connect on the first try, it seems to forget about joining the channel.

8:00 PM 12/18/98

C++ Problems...

I realized that I had only compiled the Deubg version and not the Release version of ClanOrg Client in VC++6. I compiled it in release and everything went fine until I tried to use the Download Clan DB option. I have tracked the problem down to...well...the problem only occurs when I use the Release version of the MFC/Runtime library (not sure which yet...). It works fine in debug, but not in release. If any one has any experience with this kind of problem, PLEASE contact me at I'll try to have this done by tonight...but I can't guarantee anything. =( Sorry!

4:00 PM 12/18/98

Downtime No More!

All set! The server is back up at the normal location of! Have fun! The C++ Version of ClanOrg is finished. I just need to make the setup program, which will be done tonight, hopefully.

6:45 PM 12/16/98


Sorry about the lack of updates, but I have been really busy with term finals and a couple of other things. Anyways, the server that the ClanOrg Server is being run on is experiencing some problems. There was a recent disk failure and everything needed to be reinstalled. There are still some things left to install, and the server should definently be back up by Friday.

VC++ Version

The new version of ClanOrg which is developed in VC++ 6 is almost done. It should be faster, smaller, and more stable. It should be done by Friday, as well.

12:10 AM 11/25/98

Links to Clans

The most important news is that I have added a section on the links page that has all of the clans that have joined the Clan Database.

Linux Versions of ClanOrg!

Also, I have finished a Linux console version of the client, and anyone who really wants a copy can e-mail me and I'll send it to you. The console version is really just a stepping stone for the person creating the Linux GUI version of it. I also have began on a Linux version of the server, which is also available at request, when finished.

Win32 Development Info (Moving to C\C++)

I might move the Win32 Server over to MFC\VC++, because of some nasty problems I have been having with VB & Sockets. I have started an MFC\VC++ version of the client, which is almost finished. Hopefully it will be faster, more robust, and smaller than the VB program.

6:30 PM EST 11/23/98

I am adding this update mostly to say that the page has moved to The new homepage is I have also begun work on a simple linux console version of the client and the server, and have been in contact with someone who might be able to write up some GUI version of it for Linux. Thanks for all of the positive response!

5:50 PM EST 11/22/98

I've been getting some good feedback about the program. Thanks for everyone's support. The Server side of ClanOrg has been having some problems, having never been tested on more than my LAN, although I thought I worked all of the bugs out. If you Refresh, Add, or Remove a match, and the status bar does not change after a minute, that is a good sign the server has crashed, and please e-mail me ASAP if this happens. You can also reach me via ICQ at UIN 522886. I have implemented a couple of ways for me to restore match listings after a crash and get detailed bug reports so these occurrences should occur less.

10:30 PM EST 11/21/98

ClanOrg v1.0 has been released! Go get it from the downloads page! Also, if you are a user of Botster, and are wondering if a new version will be released, well... I am not sure if a new version will be released. I am half-way done with the next release, but have fallen behind on work after a trip I took.

If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback, contact
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