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LAN Report Done - Monday 11th October

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Well well, the LAN has been and gone. What an experience it was. The total turnout was around the 35-40 mark with half the people rocking up early, to our suprise.

At the start everything seemed to be running ok, the dedicated servers about ready to go and everyone seated down. Suddenly the power went off, screams of "AHH FUCK!" and other stuff being yelled everywhere as one guy was burning a CD when it went off :) Anywayz the hall we chose was a peice of crap, not enuf power was the major problem of the day causing all the troubles. After about 1 hr of re-laying power cables, we finnaly got it all back together and running by 11:30. After that everyone just jumped into duels and started up listen servers, defeating the need for any tourneys.

A while later we went out and hired some extra long power leads and ran them from the hall next door for extra power :) For lunch we had fish and chips, which went quickly and everyone was back playing games again.

Up on the projector was the footy, but due to bad reception wasnt viewable ;) After that Aliens Ressurection, Predator and American Werewolf in Paris were watched instead.

The most popular game was counterstrike, with up to 30 people in the game at one time, a bit of UT was played and Q3 played a lot too.

For tea we ordered a damn huge pizza run, with some to spare.

Overall the day was sucessful because once the power settled down we got on playing games and having fun. For the next LAN power will be rethought out a LOT better by scrapping that hall andgoing for a bigger, beastier one.

Thanks to everyone who rocked up and kept themselves busy while the power was being sorted out... Cyaz at the next one after a new venue has been organised and we have a few extra helpers instead of it just being put on 3 ppls shoulders.

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