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Welcome to the home page of the Java MD3 Model Viewer, a windowed Java program that uses OpenGL to display Quake 3 .md3 model files.

What's new?

27/03/2000 - Where is that new beta?!

[KLR8] - Well, I'm not quite releasing it yet. The reason being that I'm waiting for the source code release of the Quake 3 tools by ID. That should provide me with info on a couple of things that I want to finalize. (BTW: I did finally fix the 'some-textures-don't-load' bug :-)

Further, if you're a programmer with some Java knowledge who would like to contribute to this project, please let me know! The more people we get working on this, the better we can make the viewer!

On a sad note, it seems like the Metal Vortex MD3 Viewer is now officially dead. This means that the Java MD3 Model viewer is the only serious viewer left! All the more reason to make it the best we can!

15/03/2000 - New email address!

[KLR8] - Hello everybody, I'm back from the dead! :-) The main reason for this post is a change in my email address. From now on you should use klr8@fragland.net to contact me!

As far as progress on the viewer goes: right now I have to little time to do any real work on it. I'll try to release the latest beta (with some new bug fixes) this weekend!

09/02/2000 - Broken link?

[KLR8] - Some of you seem to be having problems downloading the version 1.2.3 beta update using the link provided below. I have no idea what is causing this, it seems to work fine for other people. Anyway, if you have a problem, try to download it using the directory listing you get with this link:

update: I've fixed the problem with the link below (used a backslash i.s.o. a slash :-).

05/02/2000 - Version 1.2.3 beta available.

[KLR8] - Finally! I've gotten around to putting this thing together and making it available to all users. First of, use the following link to download the 1.2.3 beta update:

So how do you install it? The zip file only contains one file: md3view.jar. Replace your current md3view.jar with this new one and you should be ready to go! (If you're not running the Java MD3 Model Viewer yet, first download and install the 1.2.2 version. Check the download area for more details.)

Next, here's a list of changes in this version:
  • Fixed searchForPath method not able to deal with backslash bug.
  • First command line argument can now also be a directory. This way you can tell the program on startup from which directory files should initially be loaded.
  • Fixed .obj texture coordinate export and face orientation problems. Thanks to dAVE for the help!
  • Added background color selection functionality using the JColorChooser class.
  • Looping frames are now used correctly during animation. The last 'looping number' frames of the animation are repeated, the first few frames are only played once.
  • Integrated an MD3 save function and import 3DS function (disabled for now because it's not finished yet), both written by Donald Gray.
  • The 'save screenshot' functionality now makes use of the LittleEndianDataOutputStream class that Donald Gray contributed.

19/01/2000 - Another status update.

[KLR8] - Just letting you all know what's happening with the Java MD3 Model Viewer. As I mentioned before, Donald Gray was adding a .3ds importer to the viewer. Unfortunately, Donald is currently very low on time so his efforts are somewhat stalled. To avoid letting this nice work go unnoticed for to long, I think I will probably release a beta version of 1.2.3 soon.

Here's a complete overview of the changes so far:

  • Fixed .obj texture coordinate export and face orientation problems.
  • Added background color selection functionality.
  • Looping frames are now used correctly during animation.
  • Integrated an MD3 save function and import 3DS function.
  • The 'save screenshot' functionality now makes use of the LittleEndianDataOutputStream class that Donald Gray contributed.

09/01/2000 - Status update.

[KLR8] - First post of the new year, best wishes to all! Anyway, on to the real news. Donald Gray has been contributing some very interesting code to the project! Among the things to expect in the new version are his 3D Studio .3ds importer and an MD3 exporter. So it will be possible to use the Java MD3 Model Viewer to convert .3ds files to .md3 files!

29/12/1999 - New web page art!

[KLR8] - I've replaced the sucky web graphics on this page (that I cooked up - I suck at web graphics) with beautiful art by dines. Looks a lot better in my opinion :-) If you feel the same way, give dines your nudge of approval!

28/12/1999 - New version and new look!

[KLR8] - Lots of changes today! I've released a new version of the viewer: 1.2.2. This one is again packed with neat new features:

  • There's a new splash screen and icon, made by David 'dines' Durrenberger.
  • Added export to the Alias Wavefront .obj file format.
  • The different parts of a player model are now automatically assembled when you open one part.
  • Added detach part functionality to model menu.
  • Added apply texture to mesh functionality.
  • Textures are now exported to the same directory as the .wrl file when exporting a model to VRML97.
  • Donald Gray contributed to the project by writing a Autocad DXF exporter.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • ...
As always, check the readme for a complete list of changes and head over to the download area to download it!

Another thing that you've probably noticed is the new look of this site. It follows the same style as the new art that comes with the viewer.

Finally, I would like to remind the people that already run the viewer that they do NOT have to download the Java runtime and GL4Java library again. You just need to replace your old Java MD3 Model Viewer files with the new ones.

27/12/1999 - 1.2.2 update coming soon!

[KLR8] - First of, happy holidays to anyone reading this! Next, I just want to let you know that the 1.2.2 version is coming very soon now. It has quite some new features (most of them requested by users of 1.2.1) and will have new art (splashscreen & icon)! Look for it on this site in the next few days!

12/12/1999 - Version 1.2.1 released!

[KLR8] - Good news! I've released the 1.2.1 version of the Java MD3 Model viewer. Don't be fooled by the small version number increase, this update has TONS of new features:

  • Full featured .PK3 file browser: open models, skins, ... directely from pak files!
  • TGA and JPG texture support!
  • Advanced inspection of model properties: boneframes, vertex normals, mesh names, ...!
  • Complete support for the Quake 3 animation system!
  • Complete support for the MD3 file format: loads all MD3 files!
  • ...
Check out the readme for more details and then run over to the download area to download it!

Important note for those of you who allready run an old version. To upgrade your old version, just replace your old Java MD3 Model Viewer files with the new ones. There is NO need to reinstall the Java runtime or the GL4Java library!

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