Transparent Forms in Delphi 5 and 6 How to make a transparent form under Windows 2000
Transparent Forms in Delphi : Practical advices Tips about using layered forms in Delphi
Print preview of TRichEdit Painting a Rich Edit control onto a bitmap for preview
Give Me the Details or File Summary Info How to retrieve File Summary Information for non Office files
Delphi .NET "Hello, world!" How to create a simple application using Delphi .NET compiler
Alpha blending in Delphi Using AlphaBlend function in Delphi
Implementing Ping Implementing Internet Pings Using Icmp.dll
Drawing Transparent Bitmaps How to draw a transparent bitmap
Bitmap rotation Rotate a Bitmap Image in 90-Degree Increments
Drawing a Shaded Rectangle Using GradientFill API function
Windows Taskbar Tips&Tricks Some "secrets" of Windows Taskbar
Redirection Issues on Windows MS-DOS Applications Spawn Console Processes with Redirected Standard Handles
Find an Item in TreeView How To Find an Item in a Tree Control Via its Label
Current User and Domain Names How to retrieve Current User and Domain Names on Windows
Toggle the NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK Keys How to toggle the LOCK keys under Windows
Detect If an Application Has Stopped Responding How to detect If an Application Has Stopped Responding
Setting File Summary Information How to create or update File Summary Information
User list on Windows NT How to retrieve a list of the users on Windows NT
Delphi .NET: Get computer IP address How to get computer IP address in Delphi .NET
Shell_NotifyIcon How to manipulate Icons in the System Tray
ShowHTMLDialog function How to create HTML dialogs using Delphi
Microsoft Antivirus API How to use IOfficeAntivirus interface
Delphi IDE as PHP editor How to use PHP syntax highlighting in Delphi 7 IDE
Custom syntax highlighting in Delphi 7 How to use IOTAHighlighter interface
Printing RichEdit to Metafile Howto store the contents of a RichEdit in an EMF files
Walkie-talkie or How to communicate between two Delphi applications Using SendMessage function to communicate between two applications
Walkie-talkie 2 or How to send a stream to another application Sending string, stream, component to another Delphi application
Windows Search Engine Implementing Shell Search Handler using Delphi
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