Delphi IDE as PHP editor
How to use PHP syntax highlighting in Delphi 7 IDE
 IDE features customizable color syntax highlighting, so your code is easier to read and you can spot errors fast.  Delphi editor supports different types of syntax highlighters, not only for Object Pascal, but for C#, SQL, HTML, etc... files. It can be configured for PHP syntax highlighting as well.
Use the Source Options page of the Editor Options dialog box to customize syntax highlighting in the Code editor for PHP source file type.

First, we have to register new source file type for PHP scripts. Click New to display the New source file type dialog box and to create a new file type. Once you enter a name and click OK, enter an extension name (php) in the Extensions drop-down list box. You must add an extension when you either add a new source file type or cancel the operation.

Enter a name for PHP script source file type:

Specify, by extension php, which files display syntax highlighting information. Once you type the extension, it is automatically added. After check "use syntax highlight" checkbox.

Select PHP syntax highlighter from the list of available syntax highlighters. Click OK button. Now is time to open open php file using Delphi 7 code editor and see the result of your work. Happy PHP coding!