Tired of approaching women without success? 
Sick of not knowing why you got rejected? 
Fed up of men trying to explain why it did not work? Here you can get advice from a WOMAN!/>

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My name is Lidia, I am a women who wants to give advice to men on approaching and dating women. I want to break through some ancient myths that go around but are causing the seduction process to be more difficult than it really is.

The idea for this website originated when I was on one of my nights out and for the millionth time a guy come over to me and said – again – all the wrong things so I lost my interest quickly. It was sad actually because my first impression of him was very positive and I am still wondering what could have happened if he had just not disgusted me so early.

Therefore I started this mission: To provide help and advice to men who are not comfortable about their seducing techniques and to the men who want to further improve their skills. I believe women will also benefit from this!

I have talked with a lot of friends – male and female – to find out what is bothering them in the dating scene and I have bundled them into two teaching instruments: A 100-page book in which I will with these problems.

Below you can have a glimpse on the topics I deal with in the book:

- How to attract a woman’s attention
- Dress to impress
- Deliver charisma so the women will start noticing you
- How to walk away with a phone number 
- Approaching women with confidence
- Keeping a conversation alive: practical tricks
- Getting a date
- Do’s and don’ts at a date
- The big secret about getting one-night stands 
- Building a relationship
- Understanding women
- What women enjoy about sex

If you have some doubts whether my advice will actually work, then first of all I suggest you think logically (men are good at that): I am a women and I know what women want. Secondly, I can refer you to the feedback of my students below:

Hi Lidia,

Great idea to write this book, it is just what I needed. I have been thinking for years what it was why I struck out with women so often. You have really opened my eyes. Thanks a lot.

- Steve


I was unsure at first whether I could believe what you wrote on your website. Come on, a woman that gives away all the female secrets about dating? I was so glad that I decided to buy the book because it really contains a lot of useful advice and really opened my eyes on how woman experience and think about dating and one night stands. It was really worth it!

- Danny

Hello, what I really like about the book is that it is written by a woman. Because of this it is easier for us men to understand girls. I will definately try out some of your tips and ideas! Thanks!

- Martin

Hey, great idea with this book! I tried it on a couple of gils and I must say it WORKS! I recommend this book to every guy out there- good luck!

- Steve

Hello, I am a shy guy wo does not really know how to talk to women. Thanks to your effords I understand the female way of thinking way better now. But I still need to put it into practise. Will keep you posted once I have done so! Cheers

- Peter

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