At the same time that we are earnest to explore & shoot down all things that move

We have started small to end up big! The gaming-community has learned us all the things which got us here and we believe it will even bring us farther!


    I am not a Leader, nor am I someone who pulls the team down. Ask me to do a favor and I will always come down to it and help you out. Rome wasn't built in a day, so won't my bond be with you either. Although it will get to the strongest level in time!


    Need some aces? Yalo me maybe.

  • KAIKO.

    Hello I'm Jacob. I dont want to be crazy so you know, the beginnig is awesome, haha!! I have 21 years old, im playing cs;go for 4 years. Im professional graphic designer, motto: Play hard , go pro! And of course, from Poland


    My name is Kerim. Inda hood they call me Kero. I'am 19 years old and I'am from Belgium. I play counter strike since 2004. With my scout'n pistol style I pown my opponents the the max. Individual skill is not an option for me, but teamplay is. Get ready for some real action with Kero. Greetz


    Aloha, im Omer (aka Kebab, Homer, Omar, Lord...). Im 19 years old. I live in Belgium, Ghent to be more specific. Im Belgian with turkish descendance. Besides gaming I play american football in the local football team Ghent Gators. This was a short summary about myself. Dont hesitate if you have any questions, just ask. I don't bite.