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my name is





Haeghensgoed 13, 9270 Laarne







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I'm a very experienced business and strategic analyst with a strong technical background.


I have a great passion for innovation and technology.


I've been working in-and-around webprojects for 8 years, serving different roles.


I have already made every mistake in the book and learned from it.


I'm at my best if there is a problem to solve or a challenge involved.


I have done projects for a wide range of companies and industries, both local and international.


People say that I'm a no-nonsense communicator, and I expect the same from my colleagues and clients.


I respect and even appreciate deadlines.


I'm great in delegating and motivating teams.

Who am I ?

What  have I done so far ?

I'm managing a team of 5 skilled Business Analysts and Internet Consultants.

I'm in charge of their planning, do project follow-up and coaching of the junior profiles, arrange team meetings, evalutations, reporting to the management, etc...

I'm also responsible for the screening of new profiles.

Besides that I'm still involved in the project fieldwork, doing business analysis and strategy for some of The References' key clients.

As a Senior Business Analyst at The Reference and the Emakina Group I'm managing the strategic and Analysis part of some of the mayor Key accounts in the Emakina Group.

This involves serving clients at an international level, concerning long term projects.

The Reference / EmakinaSenior Business Analyst

The ReferenceTeam leader Strategy and Analysis 

As a business analyst and online strategist, I'm involved in both the strategic and business phase of an Internet project. Where the strategic parts focusses on the strategic objectives and KPI's of a project, the business  phase is all about translating the business requirements into attractive and easy to use web applications. This also includes doing information architecture and functional analysis to bring the project to life. I'm also involved in presales projects. The sales managers count on me when they need to make a great pitch.

The ReferenceBusiness Analyst

The ReferenceProject Manager

I started to work for The Reference as a project manager, which is the ideal seat to learn all about the Internet Business from inside. I did several both RUP and PMI based projects involving many different aspects of the online business: e-commerce, web portals, intranets, mobile websites and web-applications.

During the course of a project I was responable for managing the projects' timeline, budget, deliverables and quality. The project manager acts as the SPOC between the client and project teams (5p to 10p per project). I reported to the Program Manager and the CFO.

Living Tomorrow R&D Manager

When the next Living Tomorrow project started in Amsterdam I became the R&D Manager, guiding small teams of R&D Engineers in both Belgium and The Netherlands. I became more involved in managing workshops and brainstorm sessions together with Living Tomorrow's clients and sponsors to define storyboards and demonstrators for the project. I shifted from a developent role into the role of a Project and  Account Manager contributing in both internal and external developped projects in collaboration with mayor companies like Unilever, Philips, Logica, but also free-lancers and external consultants.

Living Tomorrow R&D Engineer


After doing my internship at Living Tomorrow I was hired as an R&D Engineer.

My main job was to help the innovation consultants with research on different topics, assist in the workshops and the projects that evolved from these workshops. I also did a lot of the development that went into creating the demonstrators and proof of concepts that where showcased in the Living Tomorrow exhibition. I was also responsible for the maintenance, support and further development of the company websites.

My Education

Sitecore Sitecore Certified Marketeer



EHSAL Brussels PMI Project Management

Sitecore is a leading Web CMS.

Several Sitecore Courses during a 3 year period leading into a Certification.

I'm also involved in the Belgian Sitecore user group.

BaNaMa course for mastering the Project Management Institute project methodology.


HUB KAHO Gent Industrial Engineer / Master ICT


College Wetteren - Languages / Sciences


Business Analysis




Online Strategy


Usability and UX


Project Management


Team Management












































Based on subjective self-reflection and objective LinkedIn endorsements.



Want to know more?


Do not hesitate to contact me.

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Some of my current clients and projects

FIVB - Fédération Internationale de Volleyball

World Championchip websites, corporate website (under development), Mobile apps and games


Sundio - Sunweb group

Revamping of online booking platforms: sunweb wintersport, Sunweb zon, Skihorizon.fr


EDF Luminus 

Coprorate websites, Extranets, Online tools, Mobile apps and website, Landing pages,... 


Metro Group - Makro brand

Webshop, Corporate websites, Mailings, Landingpages, SEO/SEA, e-Commerce Strategy


Ingenico Payment Services - formerly Ogone

Corporate website, Knowledge base, Online campaigns, SEO/SEA, Online Strategy & Branding.


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