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What's NEW:

  • (Aug 2012): Pictures from Thailand added & still messing around with a new site

  • (Aug 2011): Pictures from Peru added & working on a new site (stay tuned)

  • (Sep 2010): Pictures from Tibet added

  • (Sep 2009): Pictures from Bhutan, Nepal and Koh Samui added


Asia Countries Visited

Hello and welcome to our personal travel website !

This website is a tribute to the

"People and Places of Planet Earth"

We thought this was a nice way to make our personal travel pictures and stories public and let you all enjoy our experiences.

Because, travellers, that is what we are. Our passion is to explore the world and for the moment this has been concentrated around the countries of South East Asia and started right after we got married in 1990. We try to post a couple of nice pictures from each country we visited.

Please click on one of the links on this center page that will take you directly to the photos of that country or that city. Alternatively, you can use the navigation links on top of each page to find your way around.

This is us, taken in Mexico some time ago:


As a teenager, I got interested in photography. Each time we go on holiday, I enjoy taking pictures. Thanks to the internet, I now have an easy way of sharing these pictures with all of you. Do check the Countries page, where you will find my own pictures from most visited countries.

Every time we travel we keep an extensive diary of our "adventures". For the moment these stories are still in Dutch, If you want to receive one, please send me an e-mail and enjoy. They are personal reflections on what we have encountered, so do not treat them as official guidebooks. Nevertheless, some experiences are worth reading.

Please realize that this site does not pretend to be the biggest, the greatest, the most extensive, ... ,  travel site. No, it is just a personal site, made with pleasure. So, we hope you will simply enjoy browsing through it.

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