Two more gigs added: dec 13 (with Arbeid Adelt) in Berchem, feb 28 in Geraardsbergen


Zool. will play the Bam Bam Bam festival in Gent, august 29


Second videosingle ‘Imposssible Boogie’ out now!


The new album ‘Ballroom Blitz’ will be released at Record Store Day 2014. April 19th that is!

Vynilla records will release the vinyl album. Digital release issued by Kinky Star Records.

On Record Store Day a limited run of 150 numbered albums will be available at different stores. This limited album will contain a CD with the whole album plus 4 extra tracks: Nordic Juju, Psylo Polka, Albatross and Mindful Hula.


New single Erratic Samba out now.


Geraardsbergen: JH Joint


Berchem: JC Den Eglantier


Gent: Bam Bam Bam Festival


Mechelen: Filmhuis


Gent: Vynilla in store concert.

Gent: Private concert


Gent: Live premiere of the new album at Kinky Star Club.

The new album Ballroom Blitz can be ordered now.

Erratic Samba (single)

Click HERE for free download or for ordering a limited cd copy with exclusive bonus track, not available anywhere else!

CAMERA (2009)

VADEM+ (2006)

EP ONE (2004)

EP TWO (2005)


Zool. stands for alternative music mixing electronic textures and electric guitars. Dubby beats, crispy percussion and melancholic guitars with diverse influences that go from The Shadows, over Boards of Canada and Tortoise to Tinariwen.

Zool. is a monniker of Gerry Vergult, who has a long history in Belgian popmusic, starting out in the early eighties with his band Aroma Di Amore, who already mixed guitars with electronic rhythms. Throughout the years Gerry developped his skills in electronic musicmaking. This resulted in two albums so far: Vadem in 2006 and Camera in 2009.

On his new album ‘Ballroom Blitz’ he mixes electronic music with postrock guitars.

Click HERE for Gerry’s complete discography.

Wat een zonde dat Zool dik vijf jaar heeft gewacht om nog eens van zich te laten horen. ‘Ballroom Blitz’ is een prettige sfeerplaat waarin verfijnde productionele kennis, song-schrijverschap en een duidelijke doe-het-zelf spirit elkaar ontmoeten. (Johan Giglot - Kwadratuur)

I find it difficult to imagine someone not enjoying Zool.

(Christophe Verbiest - Flanders Today)

The use of perfect melodies and harmonic structures makes this album sound hypnotising. The multi-layered opulence of wellsounding details dethrones many ‘intelligent’ electronica albums.

(Johan Giglot - Kwadratuur)

Melodies that slowly seduce with subtle beauty and delicate beats who invite to swing.

(Christophe Verbiest in Humo)

It’s a long time ago since we have been overwhelmed by an album in the style of Arovane and Pole, but Gerry Vergult is a craftsman.

(Toon Staes in Rif Raf)

‘Camera’ is the definitive affirmation of Zool.’s talent.

(Steven Vervaet op Digg.be)

‘Vadem’ is a dark and mysterious piece of work that perfectly fits in the universe of labels as Morr or Warp.

(Dirk Steenhaut in De Morgen)

'Zool makes minimalistic, perfectly tailored listening music. Every effect makes sense and gets the space to prove this. 'Ep One' is a subtle example of intimacy.'

(Koen Van Meel on Kwadratuur)

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